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C-Tecnics Mini Underwater Camera (CT3012)

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C-Tecnics Mini Underwater Camera (CT3012)

The C-Tecnics CT3012 Miniature Underwater Camera has been designed for shallow water inspection operations where small size, low cost and excellent video quality are required.

C-Tecnics Mini Underwater Camera (CT3012)

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C-Tecnics CT3012 Mini Underwater Camera
Ref: CT3012
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The C-Tecnics CT3012 Miniature Underwater Camera has been designed for shallow water inspection operations where small size, low cost and excellent video quality are required.

This budget camera is exceptionally neatly packaged in a 23mm housing which is 125mm long from front port to the end of the connector making it ideal for attachment to diver’s helmets, face masks and small ROVs. When hand held, it is small enough to be inserted into inaccessible areas where conventional size cameras cannot see.

As well as being small and well priced, this camera is supplied in a durable anodised aluminium housing.

The CT3012 is compatible with the C-Tecnics, C-Vision Portable Diver Video System and also with the C-Tecnics CT8001 Rack Mount Camera and Light Supply. It can also be configured to operate with existing customer equipment. 

For a low cost, low profile solution for underwater inspection, choose the C-Tecnics CT3012 Mini Underwater Camera.


Camera Module
1/4” Interline Transfer CCD Image Sensor
3.8mm, F2 Lens
Horizontal Resolution
450 TV Lines
Signal to noise
+50dB Video output p-p into 75 Ohms
Power Requirements
12 VDC
2 Watts +/- 10%
Housing Material
Anodised Aluminium (also available in Stainless Steel or Titanium)
Angle View in Seawater
63° in Air, 48° in Water

1.6 Lux/F2
Operating Temperature
-10°C - 40°C
Storage Temperature
-30°C - 70°C
23mm diameter x 120mm housing length
150g (60g in water)
Subconn 3 Pin (alternatives available)
Depth Rating

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