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C-Tecnics Two Diver Video & Diver Communications System

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C-Tecnics Two Diver Video & Diver Communications System

A Two Diver Video & Communications System that is Portable, Waterproof, Rugged & Weighs only 12.7Kg

C-Tecnics Two Diver Video & Diver Communications System

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C-vision Subsea Video System Face
C-Tecnics Two Diver Video & Diver Communications System
Ref: Console C Vision
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C-Vision is a superbly engineered, dual function video and communications system for both the inshore or portable offshore diving market. The system allows up to two divers to have both video cameras and voice communications monitored and recorded in a single easy to operate unit.

Other camera inputs from additional sources such as ROV’s, crane operations, etc, can also be fed into the optional split-screen video for viewing by the diving supervisor.

C-Vision removes the complication of separate video, communications and recording systems, along with the associated cluster of wiring.

One cable contains all functions including video, communications, lamp power supply and other data functions, if required. This cable can be part of the surface supplied umbilical or as a separate cable.

Video Control Station
The core of the C-Vision system is a portable surface control station incorporating video and variable light controls for two cameras and lights, communications for up to 2 divers and tender, a waterproof keyboard linked to the inbuilt rugged computer which enables text overlay, video recording and data outputs.


A 15.4” wide, daylight viewable screen offers excellent, clear images of underwater operations. It can be run in full-screen, or split screen mode. Split screen mode permits a second video camera from another diver, ROV or remote location (a second camera and umbilical can be requested at time of ordering). The screen is a high quality industrial grade unit with high brightness and wide viewing angles and has been specially selected for bright conditions (we found that cheaper units are pretty useless during natural daylight).

C-Vision also offers up to 30 hours of continuous inbuilt recording of all of the data. A computer within the unit permits multiple data outlets which will satisfy the most dedicated computer expert  by permitting download of the dive immediately, or even offers live viewing back at the office, via USB2, eSATA, Firewire or LAN outputs.

The inbuilt waterproof keyboard is used for on-site data input of diving position, diving conditions, diver details and other useful information. Date, time and elapsed time are generated automatically. Additionally readings from optional sensors such as GPS, depth, CP etc can also be entered, displayed and recorded.

Communications System
The electronics in the C-Vision system are based on the same electronics from the ground-breaking C-Phone with opto-isolation ensuring no interference and degradation in the quality of the audio signal.

No longer will the Supervisor be frustrated by ‘someone’ forgetting to re-charge the diver phone, as C-Vision has an inbuilt auto charger for use in the event of mains failure.

A handheld ‘push to talk’ microphone is supplied with the system.  Optional headsets with single or dual earpieces can be supplied to assist communication in a noisy environment.

The system is mains powered (90-264 volts a.c., 50/60Hz auto select) with all underwater electrical outputs reduced to low voltage in accordance with AODC/IMCA D035 guidance.

An optional portable power supply has been designed by the C-Tecnics team to permit operations away from mains power supplies. See under ‘Accessories’.

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