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Divex AH5 Freeflow Air Helmet

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Divex AH5 Freeflow Air Helmet

The Divex AH5 Freeflow Air helmet that has long been accepted by many commercial divers as the standard for safety, quality, performance and reliability.

Divex AH5 Freeflow Air Helmet

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Divex AH5 Freeflow Air Diving Helmet
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The lightweight, Divex AH5 free-flow air helmet is designed to be used either fitted with its own neck-seal, or locked directly into a drysuit. Because it combines many of the advantages of both the traditional hard-hat helmet and of modern diving masks, the AH5 is recommended for tasks as diverse as heavy construction, mobile inspection, for protracted dives in cold and polluted waters, and nuclear diving. Locked into a drysuit, the AH5 can give the diver protection in polluted waters, and it also allows the diver to control his buoyancy by adjusting the helmets’s valves. One option for the AH5 is to increase the maximum over-pressure within the helmet. This option is frequently used with a locked-on drysuit. Weights are added to allow the diver to adjust his buoyancy and become substantially negative at his place of work-to reduce the effects of strong currents and the high reactive force from work tools.


Air Inlet & Bailout: The inlet valve assembly has been designed for simple usage with strong metal handwheels and is fitted with a 9/16” UNF Bullnose. The emergency air system is completely independent of the main air system, thus not compromising the safety of the diver, and is fitted with a 9/16” UNF ‘O’ ring seal.

Neck-ring assembly: The neck-ring assembly is a streamlined design with very little risk of snagging. Constructed from aluminium-bronze which is widely used
for marine application because of its corrosion resistance. Connection is by quarter-turn, interrupted threads.

De-Mist: The directional air deflector allows air to flow across the whole of the main face-plate for demisting.

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