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Piranha (1) Weld Monitor/Control & Safety Switch

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Piranha (1) Weld Monitor/Control & Safety Switch

The Piranha (1) welding control unit is a 400 amp DC isolating switch, monitoring and control station, allowing for safe isolation of the welding current and voltage.

Piranha (1) Weld Monitor/Control & Safety Switch

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Piranha (1) Weld Monitor/Control & Safety Switch
Ref: TVBKF.S0004
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The Piranha (1) welding control unit is a 400 amp DC isolating switch, monitoring and control station, allowing for safe isolation of the welding current and voltage. Each unit is fitted with amp and volt meters and DIN style quick release cable connectors (supplied) and a large, easy to use switching handle.

Designed to sit between the machine and the operator, the device allows for monitoring and control of all MMA?SMAW welding operations, and provides details as to the efficiency and characteristics of the welding machine and welding circuit. Although initially designed for underwater welding and cutting, the device is equally well suited for situations where close control of welding operations are required, i.e. for welding in any potentially hazardous environment.

The unit is available as a portable or a wall mounted system. The portable model is housed in a tough, lightweight rugged structural foam case. The case has two front catches and two hasps for improved security. Its lightweight construction allows for ease of use and maximum convenience in handling and care, where no fixed welding station exists. The wall mounted unit is housed in an enamelled steel enclosure and comes with fixing brackets, for use as a fixed welding station. Each unit is built to the highest standards of quality, and meets the CE directive on electrical current carrying equipment.

Technical Specifications
400 amp, 600 volt, DC isolation switch, which meets CE directive and the Underwriters Laboratories (USA) and Canadian Standards Association approvals.
Utility Case: structural foam case, with the following external dimensions: L:406 H:305 W:190mm, weight 6kg.
Wall Mounted: lockable enamelled steel enclosure, with the following external dimensions: L:300 H:210mm, weight 12kg.

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