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Coltri MCH 6 EM Electric Portable Breathing Air Compressor (MCH6)

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Coltri MCH 6 EM Electric Portable Breathing Air Compressor (MCH6)

Light and easy to handle, the Coltri MCH 6 breathing air compressor is technically advanced, but simple and economical to use. These features mean that you can use this motor driven MCH 6 diving compressor even in your own home.

Coltri MCH 6 EM Electric Portable Breathing Air Compressor (MCH6)

Coltri MCH 6 EM Electric Portable Breathing Air Compressor Front View
Coltri MCH 6 EM Electric Portable Breathing Air Compressor Rear View
Coltri MCH 6 EM Electric Portable Breathing Air Compressor Stainless Steel Option
MCH 6 EM Electrical Portable Breathing Air Compressor
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The MCH 6 is Coltri Aerotechnica's smallest breathing air compressor capable of 2.8 CFM (80 Litres / minute), the diving compressor can fill a 10 Litre cylinder from empty to 200 Bar in around 25 minutes. The combination of the proven four stage Coltri pump unit and single phase electric motor makes this a really versatile and portable breathing air compressor, a must for the recreational diver. 

Supplied complete with filtration to give breathing quality air to EN12021, high pressure whip hose assembly and filling connector of choice. Optional accessories include autostop feature, digital hour meter and stainless steel frame.

This MCH6 diving compressor is also available in a stainless steel frame for extra durability.


This MCH 6 portable breathing air compressor has the following diving compressor specification

  • Charging rate:  80 L/min - 6 m³/h - 2.8CFM
  • Filling time cylinder 10 L - 0-200 Bar:  20 min
  • Working pressure:  225 Bar / 3300 Psi - 300 Bar / 4300 Psi
  • Driven by:  Single-phase electric motor
  • Power:  2.2 Kw
  • Full load Amp: 11,5 A (230 V - 50/60Hz)  6,7 A (400 V - 50/60Hz)
  • Dimensions: height 35cm/13.7", width 65cm/25.5", depth 39cm/15.3"
  • Dry weight:  39 Kg / 85 lbs
  • Noise pressure:  83 dB
  • Number of stages and cylinders:  4
  • Lubricating oil capacity:  300 cc (0,3 L) / 10 FL. OZ.
  • Lubricant:  Coltri Oil CE 750
  • Frame:  Powder coated steel
  • Oil/mosture separator:  After last stage with vortex generator
  • Filtration: Filter cartridge activated carbon and molecular sieve
  • Safety valve:  On the separator housing 225-300-330 Bar
  • Interstage coolers and after coolers:  Stainless steel
  • Suction filter:  2 micron paper
  • Breathing air:  EN 12021  CGA E

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