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Coltri MCH11/EM Standard Breathing Air Compressor

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Coltri MCH11/EM Standard Breathing Air Compressor

The Coltri MCH11/EM Standard Breathing Air Compressor can pump air at a rate of 195 litres per minute (7 CFM)

Coltri MCH11/EM Standard Breathing Air Compressor

Coltri MCH11/EM Standard Detailed View
Coltri MCH11/EM Standard Rear View
Coltri MCH11/EM Standard Pump
Coltri MCH11/EM Standard Filtration
Coltri MCH11/EM Standard Right View
Coltri MCH11/EM Standard Left View
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The Coltri MCH 11 gives the performance required of a dive shop or dive club breathing air compressor from a unit able to operate off a single phase supply. The compressor is powered by a 4Kw single phase motor so will require it's own dedicated supply but eliminates the expense of installing a three phase supply into your premises.

The compressor is capable of producing 195 L/min (7 CFM) meaning a fill time of around 11 minutes for a 15 litre cylinder from empty to 200 Bar. Filtration to supply air quality to EN12021, fill whip assembly and choice of fill adaptors are supplied as standard.


The Coltri MCH11/EM Standard Breathing Air Compressor has the following diving compressor specifications

  • CHARGING RATE: 195 L/min  11 m³/h  7 CFM
  • FILLING TIME: cylinder 10L (0-200 Bar) 11 min
  • WORKING PRESSURE: 225 Bar - 3200 Psi  330 Bar - 4700 Psi
  • DRIVEN BY: Single-phase electric
  • POWER: (230 V - 50/60 Hz) 4 Kw
      height 63 cm / 25"
      width 89 cm / 35"
      depth 44 cm / 17"
  • DRY WEIGHT: 99 Kg / 218 lbs
  • NOISE (ISO 3746): 79 dB
  • LUBRICATING OIL CAPACITY: 1600 cc (1,6 L) / 0,42 US Gallon
  • LUBRICANT: Coltri oil CE 750
  • FRAME: Powder coated steel
  • FILTRATION: Maxifilter active carbon and molecular sieve
  • SAFETY VALVE: 2 interstage, 1 last stage
  • BREATHING AIR: DIN 3188  EN 12021  CGA E

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