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Coltri MCH 36 Open Breathing Air Compressor

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Coltri MCH 36 Open Breathing Air Compressor

The Coltri MCH 36 Open breathing air compressor filling station has a charging rate of 600 litres per minute which equates to 21CFM or 36 cubic meters per hour.

Coltri MCH 36 Open Breathing Air Compressor

Coltri MCH 36 Open Breathing Air Compressor
Coltri MCH 36 Open Breathing Air Compressor
Coltri MCH 36 Open Breathing Air Compressor
Coltri MCH 36 Open Breathing Air Compressor
Coltri MCH 36 Open Breathing Air Compressor
Coltri MCH 36 Open Breathing Air Compressor
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The MCH 36 Open breathing air compressor is Coltri's largest offering, it has a charging rate of 21 CFM (600 L/min), capable of filling a 15 Litre diving cylinder from empty to 200 bar in 5 minutes. This diving air compressor will be more than capable of satisfying even the largest of dive shops / clubs. Standard features are auto stop, automatic condensate drain, star delta starter, low oil level shut off and cabin temperature thermostat.

Supplied complete with filtration to give breathing quality air to EN12021, high pressure whip hose assemblies and filling connectors of choice. Optional accessories include PRESEC filtration with visual indicator for filter saturation, stainless steel frame, electronic touch screen panel and interstage dryer.


The Coltri MCH 36 breathing air compressor has the followig diving air specifications:

  • CHARGING RATE: 600 L/min - 36 m³/h - 21 CFM
  • FILLING TIME: cylinder 10L (0-200 Bar) 5 min
  • WORKING PRESSURE: 225 Bar - 3200 Psi  330 Bar - 4700 Psi
  • DRIVEN BY: Three-phase electric
  • POWER: 
      (400 V - 50 Hz) (230 V - 60 Hz)  11 Kw
      (440 V - 60 Hz)  18 Kw
      height 154,5 cm / 61"
      width 79 cm / 31"
      depth 100 cm / 39"
  • DRY WEIGHT: 420 Kg / 926 lbs
  • NOISE (ISO 3746): 78 dB
  • LUBRICATING OIL CAPACITY: 4500 cc (4,5 L) / 1.18 US Gallon
  • LUBRICANT: Coltri oil CE 750
  • FRAME: Powder coated steel
  • OIL / MOISTURE SEPARATOR: 2 interstage, 1 last stage
  • FILTRATION: 2 Hyperfilter active carbon and molecular sieve
  • SAFETY VALVE: 3 interstage, 2 last stage
  • BREATHING AIR: DIN 3188  EN 12021  CGA E

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