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BRAZILIAN NAVY: Concept design of Submarine Escape Chamber and facilities.

SMP were employed to produce a concept design for the new Submarine Escape Chamber Facility for the Brazilian navy. The concept was to be designed around a new simulation control system which was to be installed in a new facility in Brazil for the Navy.

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"Why SMP"

SMP Ltd is a Company that listens to their customer’s requirements. Every Submarine Rescue System enquiry is different, which is why SMP strive to excel in the service, design and support of their Clients.

We offer many different layouts and designs to suit our Client’s vessels, facilities and submarine crew manning levels. We also offer auxiliary equipment options to suit the Client’s specification, budget and different working depths to suit the Client’s escape procedure.


VIETNAM NAVY: Design and build of Multi-role Containerised (TUP) Recompression Facility inc Life Support Machinery Containers, Life Support Control Equipment, 2 x Multi Personnel Twin Compartment Surface Decompression Chambers and associated equipment.
BRAZILIAN NAVY: Concept design of Submarine Escape Chamber and facilities.
ITALY: “ITS ANTEO”. Design and build of Life Support System overhaul and refit of Submarine Rescue System and Diving Bell.
SINGAPORE: 'SWIFT RESCUE”. Design and build a 44 Man Submarine Rescue System including modifications and refitting of original navy Chambers. Building of new Life Support System and Control Room including installing on board new vessel.
SINGAPORE: Design and build transportable 22 man 20 bar Containerised Submarine Rescue System.
UK DSRV: Design and supply Habitat Environmental Control Systems for the UK TUP System.