SMP recently delivered and installed a Submarine Emergency Ventilation and Decompression System (SEVDS) as part of a system for a Far Eastern Navy. The contract required a complete and bespoke Submarine Rescue Package which could transfer 66 crew members under pressure.

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Submarine Manufacturing & Products Ltd were approached by a Far Eastern Navy to design and develop a Submarine Rescue Package that would handle the full process of recovery. Many large-scale systems were included in this package with a 650m emergency ventilation and decompression winch being the latest piece of equipment to be completed and installed.

The Challenge

The Far Eastern Navy asked SMP Ltd to manufacture a package that would be able to handle a submarine rescue mission from start to finish. If an incident was to occur where a submarine was unable to resurface, the recovery process would be broken down into two parts.

The first part would be the reconnaissance of the affected submarine to locate it, gather data and evaluate the requirements for the manned mission. This would be done by a first response vessel carrying the SEVDS, ROV System, Diving System and Atmospheric Diver Suit to the rescue site.

The second part of the rescue mission would be the second response vessel arriving on the rescue site to recover the crew of the stricken submarine. This would involve transferring the distressed submarine crew under pressure into a 66-man decompression chamber via a Distressed Submarine Rescue Vehicle (DSRV).

The Solution

SMP designed and manufactured a submarine rescue package which included a Submarine Rescue TUP System, DSRV, Work Class ROVs, Atmospheric Diving Suits and a SEVDS with a 650m umbilical winch. These systems were installed onto a new vessel that was purposely built for submarine rescue missions. The supply, training and maintenance services are contracted for the next 5 years.

The Client’s choice of SMP Ltd confirms our depth of experience, knowledge and capability within the Subsea military sector. SMP Ltd is an international supplier of hyperbaric medical chambers, saturation diving, mining and tunnelling, submarine rescue systems and commercial diving systems and they are renowned for the innovation, design, manufacture, safety and quality of their systems.

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