Nitrogen Generator manufactured for Sheet Metal Supplier

A sheet metal service company was looking for a cheaper alternative to buying in nitrogen gas bottles from a third party supplier. They enquired about having a nitrogen generator manufactured and installed at their facility.

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A sheet metal services business based on the outskirts of Liverpool was looking for a nitrogen generation package to be manufactured and installed at their facility. Previously having a contract with a third-party gas bottle supplier, they were looking for a cheaper alternative for supplying nitrogen to their laser cutting machines.

The Challenge

The client required a complete nitrogen generation package coupled with a quad cylinder storage bank to replace the costly supply contract they had with a third-party company. They needed a system that was easier to use and for the most part could be left to run on its own without needing too much interaction from staff. The client would be using the equivalent of around 38M3 of nitrogen gas per hour at 99.99% purity.

The Solution

Nitrogen generation is more reliable then bottled gas as purity levels tend to vary in bottled gas. Also when returning gas bottles to the supplier, remaining small quantities in the bottles are wasted. And bottled gas is reliant upon operators ordering it regularly, causing downtime if an order is missed or if the supplier is slow to deliver.

SMP supplied a complete nitrogen generation system that was able to meet their nitrogen gas usage requirement. The system consisted of an Avelair EVO compressor, oil/water separator, air receiver, desiccant dryer, Nano Gen2 nitrogen generator, Coltri 36 high pressure nitrogen booster, and high-pressure air storage banks.

The system is on a 5-year lease and the client has a maintenance contract with SMP. The nitrogen generator is expected to save the client around £1,000 a week on nitrogen gas. Once the 5 year lease is over, that saving increases.

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