SMP install Hyperbaric Chamber into Marine Research Facility

SMP install a 2-metre hyperbaric chamber into a marine research facility based in Millport. The chamber is being used for medical and research purposes, as well as being used by the hospital partnered to this facility.

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A marine biological research station based in Millport came to SMP looking for a hyperbaric chamber. The chamber would also be used by the station’s partnered hospital for medical purposes.

The Challenge

The research facility was in need of a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber that could be seat multiple people. The chamber and control desk, as well as the connected equipment, needed to be able to fit within their confined facility. It would be required to work as an oxygen therapy chamber as well as be used for research by divers. The chamber would also be used by the local hospital which is partnered with the research station.

The Solution

SMP delivered a 2-metre hyperbaric chamber fitted with a medical lock, communication system, and fire safety devices. The chamber has been fully tested and is compliant to Lloyds standards.

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