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SMP Ltd pride themselves on their ability to work with customers to create bespoke and innovative solutions to problems faced in the industry. The release of their new Scuba Replacement Package (SRP) has been a prime example.

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SMP Ltd were approached by a client based in Norway who were working on a dam situated in a mountainous and hard to reach area. The solution they required was a compact and portable SRP system that could be transported by helicopter to the dam.

The SRP systems offered by SMP Ltd at the time used 4x50Ltr cylinders which were too large to be easily transported to the required site. Also, with the dam being situated at high altitude, the environment was much colder and needed a system that could operate effectively at low temperatures.

The Solution

SMP Ltd created a solution to this problem, the 20Ltr MS SRP. This system uses 4x20Ltr cylinders instead of the 4x50Ltr, reducing the weight of the SRP by approximately 200kg. Due to these smaller cylinders, the length of the system was shortened to make it much more compact. SMP Ltd also designed this piece of equipment with Tescom Regulators so that it is more suitable for the cold environments.

The SRP is protected within a steel crash frame and has the ability to supply air to two divers which can be monitored via 63mm pressure gauges. The system has been fitted with two interchangeable steel umbilical hangers, so it is easy to store two umbilical’s.

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