The Underwater Centre, Fort William

SMP helped The Underwater Centre, Fort William, to select the best diving equipment for its commercial diving instruction courses. This included setup of the inaugural enriched air nitrox course. For more details, see the project overview below.

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On today’s dive boats, you would be hard-pressed not to see one or two of the tell-tale green and yellow tanks that announce the presence of Nitrox, or Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN), which has been used in recreational diving for nearly 35 years. Many major training facilities have a Nitrox Training Program in one form or another and it is now available at The Underwater Centre in Fort William.

Following a 12-month consultation period with their customers, The Underwater Centre decided to offer Nitrox Diving Courses. SMP was sole supplier for this equipment and the first course has recently been successfully completed.

The Challenge

Increasing requirement for EAN certified and competent commercial divers plus the potential to grow the current individual and package diver training program offered by The Underwater Centre. Finding a one-stop supplier who can also provide product training, certification and ongoing support.

The Solution

The following items:
• Kirby Morgan 37 (WHITE) x 2
• 2 Diver Wall Mounted HP/LP Nitrox Diving Control Panel
• Tescom Regulators x 2
• Coltri LP280 EVO Rotary Screw Nitrox Compressor
• Nitrox membrane
• MCH 16 ET Compact HP Compressor
• 50 Litre 300Bar Storage Cylinders x 4

Before offering the EAN diver training course, The Underwater Centre would need to test the most suitable equipment and plan their presentations and learning course. SMP Ltd recommended and supplied a cost-effective package to suit this stage of their project.

The Result

Just two months after their initial enquiry, the system fully operational and was used on the inaugural Commercial Enriched Air Nitrox course using a Nitrox solution supplied by SMP Ltd. The system was then used on many subsequential courses.

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