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SMP LTD - Commercial Diving Equipment & Hyperbaric Chambers

Accessories and Spares for Breathing Air Compressors. Air Compressors for Commercial Divers

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SMP are Registered Members of IMCA Registered members of IMCA

We are BSI Registered

We are BSI Registered for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Compressor Consumables

SMP stock a huge range of compressor spares and accessories including compressor filters, molecular sieve, compressor oil, pressure gauges, filling adapters, filling panels, filling whips and hoses, replacement motors, heads, o-rings.

Autostop is an optional add-on which will automatically cut off the power to the compressor once the cylinder being filled reaches full capacity.
This useful component add-on allows you to run your compressor continually without the requirement to manually bleed the condensate every 15 mins. As with the Auto-stop facility, this is a big time saver that allows you to get on with other tasks
Air Care Test Kit
Air test kit for monitoring levels of Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Oil Mist and Water Vapour
HP Aerotest SIM
Compressed gases e.g. breathing air, industrial compressed air, medical gases or carbon dioxide for the beverage industry can be examined within several minutes to ascertain its purity. The measuring period for one simultaneous measurement of up to 7 c
Anderol Compressor Oil
Changing the oil in your breathing air compressor is something which should be carried out on a regular basis as preventative maintenance.
Active Carbon for Coltri Compressors
We can supply active carbon for repacking Coltri compressor filter housings.
Silica Gel Dssicant 100g Sachet
The silica gel dessicant that we supply is a 99.0% pure amorphous silica in the form of hard irregular shaped crystals.  
Molecular Sieve
We can supply molecular sieve for repacking compressor carbon filter housings.
Christo-Lube O2 Grease (2oz tube)
Christo-lube MCG 111 is a wide temperature range, perfluoropolyether grease which was developed for use in systems where non-reactivity with harsh chemicals including strong acids and oxidizers, fuels, solvents, etc. is an important factor.
Coltri Personal filter INT
Ideal for secondary filtration for nitrox and trimix filling aluminium alloy construction for strength and lightweight.

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