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Lifting Bags

Lifting Bags and Flotation Devices from Subsalve USA. The worlds leading supplier and manufacturer of standard and custom flotation devices. Products include: Professional, Commercial, Standard, Shallow Water, Enclosed Flotation Bags, Cable & Pipeline Floats, Water Load Test Bags, Rapid Recovery & Mark V/ORCA EOD Systems.

Subsalve Lifting Bags
Subsalve Commercial Lift Bags are especially suited for remote locations or for deployment from small craft and are capable of being used by a single diver. All Subsalve Lift bags meet IMCA (International Marine Contractor’s Association) standard
SubSalve Professional Lift Bags
The Subsalve Professional Lift Bags are open bottom, balloon shaped bags with a single attachment point are easy to use in construction, heavy and light salvage, and many offshore tasks.
Enclosed Flotation Commercial Lift Bag
Subsalve's Enclosed Flotation Lift Bags are very adaptive to a broad range of flotation needs where objects are to be floated close to the surface.
Subsalve USA Salvage Pontoon Lift Bag
Subsalve Salvage Pontoon Lift Bags are totally-enclosed, cylindrically-shaped lift bags are perfect for shallow water salvage, reducing the draft of a vessel, or raising an object closer to the surface. All Subsalve Lift bags meet IMCA(Internationa
Professional Enclosed Lift Bags
Enclosed-bottom, parachute-shaped lift bags with a single attachment point. These Subsalve lifting bags are essential in construction, heavy and light salvage and many offshore tasks.
Enclosed Shallow Water Flotation Bags
When you need to float an object in extremely shallow water use SUBSALVE’s shallow water “pillow” shaped Enclosed Flotation Bags (also referred to as boulder bags).
Subsalve Salvage Pontoons – Vertical
Totally-enclosed, cylindrical bags are ideal for shallow water salvage, reducing the draft of a vessel or raising an object closer to the surface. They are invaluable in cable and pipeline operations. 
Subsalve Mark V Orca Lift Bag System
This self-contained system is specifically designed for the removal of underwater mines, weapons or explosives. The new Mark V/Orca System is approved by the U.S. Navy and is in use by over 25 navies throughout the world
Subsalve Quad Bag
This SUBSALVE Quad Bag can be used as a lift bag to recover objects, an up-line float, a decompression-line float, a dry bag, an inflatable dive flag/float to warn off boaters.
Subsalve Rapid Recovery System
The Subsalve Rapid Recovery System is a self-contained system including an enclosed commercial or professional lift bag with a pocket to hold the necessary air cylinder to fully inflate the lift bag at 100ft of depth.
SUBSALVE Cable and Pipeline Floats
These Cable/Pipeline Floats can be used for light salvage as well as cable flotation and suspension.
SUBSALVE Propeller Bags
Subsalve Propeller Bags are specially designed lift bags used to remove and install boat propellers. Available in three standard sizes (100lb, 200lb, 300lb), custom sizes also available.
SUBSALVE Bomb Recovery System
The SUBSALVE Bomb Recovery System has been specially designed for use by law enforcement to recover or remove explosives or other dangerous devices.
SUBSALVE Water Load Test Bag
These Water Load Test Bags makes it easier to load test structures due to their very low handling weight and make it possible to test in areas with insufficient access for conventional solid weights.
SUBSALVE Lifeboat Davit Test Bags and Kit
The Subsalve lifeboat davit testing system allows for lifeboat davits and other structures to be load tested in areas with insufficient access for conventional solid weights. The handling weight of water filled test bags compared to solid wei
SUBSALVE Fend-Air Inflatable Marine Fenders
Provides maximum protection to your vessel while at a floating or stationary dock or while rafted. For use on vessels of all sizes including recreation, commercial and military. Light weight and easy to deploy.
SUBSALVE Aircraft Lift Bag
The Aircraft Lifting Bag is used to lift crippled aircraft from runways or terrain where it is impractical or impossible to use standard aircraft jacks.
SUBSALVE Pipe Pluggers
PIPE PLUGGERS are heavy duty, inflatable pipe plugs especially designed for use during the construction, maintenance, and repair of pipeline, ducts, and tunnels.
SUBSALVE Inflat-A-Tank
Rugged, flexible storage containers for water, fuel, sanitary discharge, and other liquids. Every tank is manufactured of heavy duty urethane coated nylon fabric. Tanks are affordable, easy to install, and require minimal maintenance.

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