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Hardwire Diver Communications

We supply a range of hardwire diver communications equipment for commercial diving applications including Amron 1-2-3 Diver Communicators, Helium Unscramblers, Aquacom RadiosChamber Radios, Aga Comms, Comms Rope

SMP 2 Diver Radio
The SMP 2 Diver Radio Set is a surface terminal for a communication system designed for the use between a surface tender and one, two or both divers.
MK2-DCI Air Intercom
The Aquacom® MK2-DCI is a compact, self-contained two- or one-diver air intercom. It will allow one or two divers clear communications either in the 2- or 4-wire mode.
Amron International Amcom III 3-Diver Portable Communicators
The Amcom III Series 2830A has all of the same features of our Amcom II Series Communicators. These superior radios utilize separate volume controls for each diver and the tender, both for the uplink and downlink
Amron International Amcom I Communicator
Boasting 20 watts of audio power and the greatest versatility, Amron's Amcom I Series is by far the best portable one-diver communicator for hard-wire underwater radio communication currently on the market.
Amcom II Series Standard Communicator Non-Rechargeable Part No 2820A
The Amcom™ II Series 2820A is a portable 2-diver communicator that offers many versatile features and options to give you years of continuous service. This hard-wire underwater radio communicator is built to last. See the
The Commercial SMP Chamber Radio is a rugged unit designed primarily for the diving industry. The unit is housed in a rugged splash proof plastic case with a high impact engraved front panel retained by stainless steel screws.
A combined safety rope/communications  provides a safety line for recovery of the diver and a secondary method of communication with the surface via rope pull signals.
SMP Comms Rope is 100% Nylon, 12mm static kernmantle rope designed with four specially configured wires down the center.
one fully moulded bone conductor complete with cover plate incorporating our dynamic hi-sense microphone with EO or 2/4 pin connector nominal cable lengths are 12 inches (30 cm)
Male and Female cable whips (flying leads), are manufactured in a fully waterproof graded Neoprene (or Polyurethane)
The Aquacom® ComBox is a compact, self-contained one diver air intercom. It allows clear two-wire communications using a powerful 20-watt amplifier and a powerful front panel speaker, "Silver Bullet".
Amron International DSP2 Helium Unscrambler - Rack Mount
The New Amron International DSP2 is the third generation of Helium Speech Unscramblers (HSU). The unique design utilizes the latest technological advancements including dual digital signal processors.
Amron International 3 Diver Helium Speech Unscrambler - Portable
The new Amron International DSP2 Helium Speech Unscrambler (radio) is the third generation of Helium Speech Unscramblers (HSU). The state-of-the-art design utilizes the latest technological advancements including dual digital sig
C-Tecnics Two Diver Video and Diver Communications System
A Two Diver Video & Communications System that is Portable, Waterproof, Rugged & Weighs only 12.7Kg
Headset for SMP 2 Diver Radio
SMP supply this headset which we recommended to use with the SMP 2 diver radio
Amron Standard Headset with dual banana plugs
Light and comfortable headset for extended wear at an economical price. Adjustable boom mic allows for ultimate positioning.
Hard Anodised SubConn Connectors (underwater)
We supply a wide range of hard anodised SubConn® Connectors which are specially designed for underwater applications.

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