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Hyperbaric Chamber Accessories

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Hyperbaric Chamber Accessories

SMP supply a range of hyperbaric chamber accessories including 16 cylinder gas quads, face hoods, BIBS, hyperbaric fire extinguishers, chamber mattresses, lung powered scrubber, medical kit, oxygen sensors, O2 sensors, CO2 scrubbers, Chamber Lights, Sound Powered Phone for the UK, Europe and Worldwide commercial diving industry.

16 Cylinder DNV Gas Storage Quad
16 cylinder DNV approved gas storage quad.  These cylinder quads are made up of 16 x 50 litre cylinders giving a total gas storage capacity of 800 litres.  
Analox Portable Oxygen Monitor
The Analox Mini-02 portable Oxygen Analyser is an accurate, fast response portable oxygen analyser in an ultra small ABS case. Designed to handle harsh environments, the Mini-O2 is housed in an extremely rugged IP65/NE
MD300 Diving Oxygen Monitor with Alarms
The MD300 Oxygen analyzer is the same oxygen analyser that we use on all our diving panels.
CO2000 Portable Gas Analyser Rechargable
The CO2000 is a battery operated portable combined carbon dioxide and oxygen monitor with high and low adjustable alarms.
Firex Hyperbaric Fire Extinguisher Displaying Maintenance Log
The Firex Hyperbaric Fire Extinguishers supplied by SMP provide an effective means of fire extinction in hyperbaric chambers. 
TEGO 2001
Tego 2001 is a concentrated, microbiocidal formulation, for the disinfection ofsurfaces
SMP LED Hyper Lite Hyperbaric Chamber Light
With its compact and light weight design this hyperbaric chamber light can be easily mounted inside any hyperbaric chamber.
Comex-Pro Lung Powered Scrubber for use in hyperbaric chambers
The Comex-Pro Lung Power Scrubbers is used in hyperbaric environments in the event of breakdown of ventilation and ensure the scrubbing of carbon dioxide contained in breathing gases.
Biox Oxygen (O2) Cleaning Fluid 25 Litre Drum
Fast becoming the industry standard for oxygen cleaning, BIOX O2 cleaning fluid
Hyper Flow Co2 Scrubber (hyperbaric chamber CO2 scrubber)
The SMP Hyper Flow Co2 Scrubber (hyperbaric chamber scrubber) Scrubber is one of the most widely recognised hyperbaric environmental products in the diving industry, providing an efficient means of removing Carbon Dioxide.
SMP Hyperbaric Conditioning Unit
The SMP hyperbaric conditioning unit has been designed to enhance in-chamber comfort by allowing the control of environmental temperature. 
Scott Pressur-Vak II BIBS
The Pressur-Vak II offered by SMP is designed to administer oxygen or gas mixtures to a diver or patient in a hyperbaric chamber environment
Scott 801238 Series Oxygen BIBS Mask System
The 801238 Series BIBS Oxygen Mask System offered by Amron International features overboard discharge which provides control for the administration of oxygen or gas mixtures without affecting the chamber environmentThe 801238 Series Oxygen Mask
Complete O2 Hood Assembly with Latex Neck Seal
Amron\'s critically-acclaimed and celebrated Oxygen Treatment Hood is the preeminent hood on the market and easily sets the standard for all others!
Sound Powered Phone with Handset Cradle
The Sound Powered Phone is a safe, reliable transmission for chamber communications.
Carbon Dioxide Absorbtion Sofnolime
We sell Sofnolime which is used in hyperbaric chambers for CO2 absorbtion.
SMP Chamber Radio
A two channel battery powered communication set for use with deck decompression chambers. 
Bull Horn Speaker
SMP supply horn speakers which is suitable for use with hyperbaric chambers
Amron Hyperbaric BIBS Masks - 350M
Amron’s new 350M BIBS mask is the perfect combination of performance, durability and comfort.
The Silec Sound Powered Telephone is commonly used for back-up communications from the internal hyperbaric environment to and from the external support technicians.

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