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To all the TESCOM users around the world, the company is synonymous with dependability and quality because of its attention to detail and dedication to creating the best regulators possible for divers everywhere.

GA600 High Volume Oxygen Regulator
The GA600 Underwater High-Volume Oxygen Regulator is a multi-stage unit delivering the constant flow and high volume required for underwater burning.
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The Tescom Back Pressure Regulator's balanced stem design eliminates the need to adjust bias over a wide range of operating pressures. High flow capacity (Cv=2.0), diaphragm sensed, low accumulation, and mounts in any position.
The Tescom 44-1300 Series, High Flow, High Pressure Regulators are designed to safely reduce inlet pressures of up to 4500 PSIG and accurately deliver high gas flows throughout the 10-1500 PSIG outlet pressure range.
High Flow Reducing Regulator
The Model 873 is a high flow, balanced poppet, hand/spring loaded reducing regulator
High Quality 1st Stage Regulator
Popular Low Cost Bailout Option

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