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SMP LTD - Commercial Diving Equipment & Hyperbaric Chambers

Machinery Containers for Commercial Divers. Gas Storage and Compressors.

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SMP are Registered Members of IMCA Registered members of IMCA

We are BSI Registered

We are BSI Registered for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Machinery Containers

We design and manufacture a range of containerised machinery containers for LP/HP compressors and gas storage solutions. We can produce 10ft and 20ft containers built to your exact commercial diving requirements.

20ft Machinery Container with HP, LP, gas storage bank and tooling HPU.
10ft DNV Nitrox Machinery Container 
Internal view of nitrox machinery container
20ft DNV Nitrox Machinery Container with HP Gas Storage Bank based on layout design 2303-101.
10ft DNV Container with 2 HP Compressors & Umbilical Storage based on layout 2304-001.
10ft DNV machinery container with HP and LP compressors, gas storage and tooling HPU
10ft Machinery container with HP and LP compressors, gas storage with fill panel based on layout 2305-001
10ft HP / LP Machinery Container with Vertical Air Receiver and gas storage quad
20ft DNV machinery container and workshop based on layout 2306-101
20ft Machinery Container and Workshop based on layout 2301-101

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