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Cylinders Regulators And Gauges

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We are BSI Registered for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Cylinders Regulators And Gauges

We supply a range of different diving air cylinders from 3 litres to 18 litres capacity with convertible valves, bailout regulators, HP and LP bailout hoses to suit all diver air storage requirements.

232 BAR Steel Bailout Cylinders with convertable valves
Lightweight cylinder, manufactured to European PED specification from BS 708 A 37 steel. Complete with M25x2 EN 144-1 neck, M25x2 thread valve and boot.
300 BAR Steel Bailout Cylinders with convertable valves
Large range of steel cylinders ex stock  
High Quality 1st Stage Regulator
HP Swivel For Bailout HP Contents Whip
DIN to International A Clamp Adapter
Popular Low Cost Bailout Option
HP Contents Gauge and Hose For Bailout 0 to 350 Bar
Twin Lock Pony Bracket System
Apeks DS4 first stage regulator
As the diver descends the demand for air increases. To maintain the supply, the intermediate pressure increases relative to the water depth.

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