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Outland Technology Underwater Lighting and Video Systems

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Outland Technology

We supply diving underwater lighting and underwater video systems supplied by Outland Technology including underwater video cameras, underwater lights and video consoles for displaying monitoring underwater cameras attached to divers.

Outland Technology Video Console Model CON-3200
Complete underwater video systems from Outland Technology. The system comes with 500Gb as standard (250 hours of high res. recording).
Outland Technology UWL-401 LED Light
The Outland Technology UWL-401 LED Light is a great low power underwater camera or work light.
Outland Technology Low Light Color Camera
The UWC-325 helmet mountable color mini camera from Outland Technologies is optimized for very low light conditions.
Mini TV Cable
Proven industry standard cable
Tee handle helmet bracket for all cameras and lights
This Helmet Bracket is suitable for mounting either Cameras or Lights to the diving helmets.
Hat Bracket (suits Kirby Morgan 37 Diving Helmet Handle)
This Helmet Bracket is suitable for mounting either Cameras or Lights to the Kirby Morgan 37 diving helmet.
Outland Technology Console Model CON-3400
Viewing console for use with Outland Technology video camera equipment. Now shipped with sunlight readable 15" 1700-nit monitors
Right Angle Amphenol Connector
We can supply the right angle amphenol connector which is used for connecting the surface end of the video camera umbilical to the surface video console unit.
Female Connectors wth locking sleeves
These female connectors are used for connecting the diver end of the umbilical to the video camera and light.
UWS-3310 Complete Portable Video System
The Outland Technology UWS-3310 and UWS-3320 complete portable underwater video camera systems featuring the UWC-325/p color fixed focus camera and a suitcase console.
Outland Stand Alone Power Supply CU-1250
Outland Stand Alone Power Supply CU-1250

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