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C-Tecnics Underwater Lighting and Camera Systems.

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We are BSI Registered for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

C-Tecnics Systems

We supply C-Tecnics underwater video camera and lighting systems including mini underwater cameras (CT3008, CT3012), underwater inspection lights (CT4003), diver inspection and communcations systems (C-Vision) which are suitable for a wide variety of diving and diver underwater applications.

Mini TV Cable
Proven industry standard cable
C-Tecnics C Vision Underwater diving Camera (CT3008 )
An extremely compact high quality colour camera which features an excellent distortion free rectilinear fixed focus, auto iris, wide angle lens. 
C-Tecnics CT3012 Mini Underwater Camera
The C-Tecnics CT3012 Miniature Underwater Camera has been designed for shallow water inspection operations where small size, low cost and excellent video quality are required.
C-Tecnics Two Diver Video and Diver Communications System
A Two Diver Video & Communications System that is Portable, Waterproof, Rugged & Weighs only 12.7Kg
C-Vision Solo - C-Tecnics Portable one diver video system
A portable one diver video system with 150+ hours of hard disk recording. The C-Vision Solo is a video system suitable for both inshore + offshore diving operations. The system allows video monitoring + recording in one easy to operate unit
C-Tecnics Underwater Diving Inspection Light CT4006
A small, lightweight LED light ideal for ROV and diving helmet mounting. The CT4006 is a small and compact underwater light, its 80mm long with a 30mm diameter and weighs only 144g
C-Tecnics CT4004 High Power Underwater Light
A robust and powerful underwater light for divers and ROVs

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