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IMCA approved medical kits for commercial divers

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SMP are Registered Members of IMCA Registered members of IMCA

We are BSI Registered

We are BSI Registered for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Medical Kits

SMP can supply a range of medical equipment for your safe dive site including medical kits and oxygen resus kits. Our medical kits meet the IMCA specification for medical kits which are to be held at an offshore diving operation.

Oxygen Resus Kit
Oxygen Resus Kit with Cylinder / Soft Case
Medical Kit  DMAC 15 Revision 4 (as per IMCA Specification)
A DMAC 015 (REV4) Kit is a complete medical kit suitable for the treatment of diving related disorders on the surface or in a recompression chamber and for other potential problems (eg. trauma) which may occur during diving operations.
SLIX Spinal Splint
A robust, compact and lightweight stretcher. The flexible material combined to a smooth finish allows easy sliding and permits the stretcher to be rolled width ways or lengthways to facilitate transport.
SLIX Rapid Response
A simple, low cost, robust stretcher that can be deployed very quickly.
Block and Tackle
IMCA required Block & tackle system for Wet Bell. Comes standard with 8meter. All metal is SS 316.

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