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We supply a range of Stanley submersible pumps which allow you to move high volumes of liquid from one location to another. Ideal for pumping out flooded cavities, trenches, manholes and utility vaults.

SM20 Sump Pump
The SM20 is one of the lightest and most durable pumps available. 
SM21 Sump Pump
The SM21 is the ideal pump for areas of confined space and small openings.
SM50 Sump Pump
The SM50 can pump an impressive 500 gallons per minute (30,000 gallons per hour).
TP03 Trash Pump
The TP03 is a submersible trash pump and will pump liquids with concentrations of solids up to 25% by volume.
TP08 Trash Pump
The TP08 is a heavy duty submersible trash pump capable of pumping high volumes of liquids.

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