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Dive Helmets

We supply a wide range of Kirby Morgan Diving Helmets, Spares and Accessories. We stock all Kirby Morgan Diving Helmets including the popular Kirby Morgan 37, Kirby Morgan 77, Kirby Morgan Superlite 27, Kirby Morgan Superlite 17b. As an approved Kirby Morgan Training facility, we can also offer training courses for divers on helmet repair and maintenance.

Kirby Morgan 37 Commercial Divers Helmet
The Kirby Morgan 37 Commercial Divers Helmet is one of the most popular designs in the commercial diving world. It's considered the standard of the commercial diving industry.
Kirby Morgan Commercial Divers Helmet 77
Kirby Morgan's all metal commercial diver's helmet features an all stainless steel version of the Kirby Morgan REX® regulator, as well as a stainless steel sideblock, helmet ring, bent tube, handle, and other key components.
Kirby MorganĀ® Stainless Steel Commercial Diving Helmet 37SS
The Kirby Morgan 37SS Commercial Diving Helmet  features an all stainless steel shell, as well as a stainless sideblock, commercial helmet ring, bent tube, handle, and other key components.
Kirby Morgan SuperliteĀ® 17B Commercial Divers Helmet
The fully tested Kirby Morgan SuperLite® 17B Commercial Diver’s Helmet set the working standard for the commercial diving industry worldwide.
Kirby Morgan Commercial Diving Helmet 47
The Kirby Morgan Commercial Diver's Helmet 47 has an entirely new breathing system, oral nasal mask, and water ejection system.
Kirby MorganĀ® Commercial Diving Helmet 57
The Kirby Morgan 57 Commercial Diving Helmet features a revolutionary new Kirby Morgan SuperFlow Stainless Balanced Regulator. It's machined from a stainless steel casting for the ultimate in performance
Kirby Morgan Superlite 27 Commercial Divers Helmet
The Kirby Morgan SuperLite® 27 Commercial Diving Helmet is the product of years of research and testing. The KM SuperLite® 27 design gives the commercial diver a reliable, and extremely comfortable commercial diving helmet.
Divex AH5 Freeflow Air Diving Helmet
The Divex AH5 Freeflow Air helmet that has long been accepted by many commercial divers as the standard for safety, quality, performance and reliability.
Kirby Morgan 97
The Kirby Morgan 97 (KM 97) is the new Stainless Steel Diving Helmet from Kirby Morgan - Launched in March 2014. The All-New 455 Balanced Regulator sets the KM 97 apart from all other models.
Divex Ultrajewel 601 Helium Reclaim Helmet
The Ultrajewel 601 range of Helium Gas Reclaim Helmets from Divex are the most efficient and reliable available to the commercial diver.

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