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Commercial Divers log books, manuals, DCIEM tables.

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We are BSI Registered for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Diving Books And Manuals

We stock a range of divers handbooks including training manuals, diver log books including the US Navy Divers Handbook, DCIEM Tables

DCIEM Manual
The Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine is Canada’s centre of expertise for defence research and development in human performance and protection, human-systems integration and operational medicine. 
Professional Divers Log Book
The aim of this Handbook, produced by John Bevan, is to provide an introduction to operational tasks procedures, equipment and instrumentation
The Divers Handbook
Scuba diving is one of the world\'s fastest growing sports and, as a result, there is an ever increasing demand for authoritative, practical information about this challenging activity.
US Navy Divers Handbook
The US Navy Divers Handbook is the most widely used book sold to divers for the past twenty years. It is pocket size, printed on waterproof/tear proof pages, and is easily referenced.

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