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Underwater Cutting and Welding Equipment for Commercial Divers

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We are BSI Registered for ISO 9001 & ISO 14001

Cutting And Welding Equipment

We supply a range a cutting and welding equipment for both surface and underwater applications. We can supply Broco Cutting Torches and cutting rods as well as our own cutting rods which are produced in house and offer exceptional value for money. We also stock collets and washers, oxygen regulators, safety switches, circuit breakers, welding cable and welding rigs.

Barracuda Underwater Wet Welding Electrodes
The Barracuda general-purpose mild steel electrodes (nearest equivalent E6013) comprises of a silicone free C/Mn core wire with a thick rutile alumina silicate flux coating.
SMP Prothermic Underwater Cutting Rods
SMP Prothermic Underwater Cutting Rods (Boxes of 100) can be used 1000ft below the surface or by fabrication and welding companies on dry land.
BR-20 Welding Stinger
The BR-20 Welding Stinger is designed to hold the electrode at the optimum angle to the weld-piece, delivering quality welds while reducing operator fatigue.
Broco BR-22 Cutting Torch
The BR-22 Underwater Cutting Torch is ergonomically designed for diver comfort and to reduce forearm fatigue.
Broco 3/8" Collet
Broco 3/8" Collets and Washers
Hammerhead Underwater Welding Electrode
Speciality Welds have developed solutions to the long-standing problems associated with underwater wet welding and in particular the skills required to produce high quality welds.
Piranha (1) Weld Monitor/Control and Safety Switch
The Piranha (1) welding control unit is a 400 amp DC isolating switch, monitoring and control station, allowing for safe isolation of the welding current and voltage.
Piranha Junior
The Piranha Junior is a low cost 400 amp isolation safety switch, designed essentially for cutting operations, but of course can still be used for welding, but comes without amp or volt metres.
SMP Welding Stinger
SMP Underwater Electrode Holder
GA600 High Volume Oxygen Regulator
The GA600 Underwater High-Volume Oxygen Regulator is a multi-stage unit delivering the constant flow and high volume required for underwater burning.
400 Amp Breaker
The SMP Circuit Breaker has totally enclosed contactors and is designed for underwater cutting and welding operations, which conform to the I.M.C.A. and H.S.E regulations.
SMP Underwater Cutting and Welding Rig
Broco BR-22 Plus Cutting Torch (Next Generation)
Broco, Inc., the world leader in underwater cutting and welding systems, introduces the next generation BR-22 PLUS Cutting Torch (patent pending).
Broco QuiverPak
In addition, Broco now offers a new QuiverPak™ (patent pending) with 50 cutting rods in a reclosable polyethylene box that easily attaches to a dive harness.
The only fully waterproof \'auto-darkening\' welding lens/filter available anywhere in the world.
The Weld Gauge
An essential tool for rapidly checking the dimensions of weld preparations, butt welds and fillet welds. Used across the world by welding engineers, inspectors, NDT operators, quality control staff and welders.

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