A Workshop full of Projects of all Sizes

September 2022

The SMP workshop is full to the brim with various projects for clients all over the world. We currently have multiple contracts on the go at the minute that will take us right up to the end of 2022. These projects vary in both industry and application, some of the projects on the go include:

A hyperbaric chamber with accompanying support systems built onto a skid. This project is now in its packing stage in preparations to be shipped to the client based in the Middle East. The support system includes Coltri compressors, gas storage, and a control panel, and will be supplying the relevant gasses to the hyperbaric chamber.

Another project currently on the go in the workshop is the refurbishing of a dive control system. The containerised system is currently having a service in which it will be tested and recertified to make sure it is safe to use alongside subsea operations. This system is capable of monitoring multiple divers at once through the use of an air control panel, an audio communication system, and a video monitoring system. It also has gas cylinders built into the container and storage facilities for various equipment.

Other systems in the workshops include a range of Coltri Compressors currently being tested before shipping, decompression chambers being fitted out with technical equipment, and more.

We supply a range of different industries including commercial diving, medical, and military sectors. Operating since 1985, SMP have become a firmly established equipment supplier working with organisations across the globe. We have achieved various accreditations such as for Quality Assurance and Environmental Management and have also won numerous awards for exports and manufacturing.

If you need an equipment supplier for your project, please get in touch with our sales team to discuss how we can provide a solution for you. Call us on +44 (0)1772 687775 or email at sales@smp-ltd.co.uk.

A Workshop full of Projects of all Sizes

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