Book onto the Kirby Morgan Basic Helmet Maintenance and Repair Course

July 2019

Book our Kirby Morgan Basic Helmet Maintenance and Repair Course now!

We have one place available for 13 – 14 Aug 2019 course.

The Course Instructs:

  • Use of Kirby Morgan Operational Check Lists A2.1 thru A2.6
  • Helmet and Bank Mask overhaul procedures.
  • How to properly log maintenance and repairs
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Face Port Inset inspection and testing
  • Monthly helmet inspection procedure
  • Daily pre/post dive procedures
  • Supervisor pre-dive inspections
  • Spervisor in water checks
  • EGS interface procedures and configurations#
  • Calculation of proper supply pressure and volume requirements
  • How to teach the KMDSI Helmet/Band Mask Operator/User Course

Please contact us for other course dates in 2019.

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