Containerised Dive Chamber ready to ship to Isle of Man

October 2020

A containerised dive chamber is currently in its final stages of manufacturing in the workshop and will be ready to be shipped off to the Isle of Man in the next couple of weeks. The chamber is a 1.5m twinlock DDC, is fully IMCA compliant and works up to 10 Bar. The chamber can seat 5 people, holding 4 people in the main lock (or two people lying down) and 1 person in the entry lock.

The container has been built with two separate compartments, one housing the chamber whilst the other houses the support equipment. The supporting equipment consists of an MCH 16 Compact EVO Coltri compressor as well as an Avelair EVO Fixed Speed Air compressor.

Quoted delivery for the project was 8 weeks and SMP have met this deadline even with the restrictions on the current climate due to COVID 19. The team at SMP have been actively incorporating safety aspects into work life to make sure they can stay safe and stay committed to their customers during these times.

Containerised dive chamber
exterior profile of containerised dive chamber
Circular entrance of containerised dive chamber
Exterior of containerised dive chamber

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