Containerised System comes back to SMP for Recertification

July 2022

A containerised dive control system has returned to our UK headquarters to have it’s 5-year service done by the team of engineers at SMP. The project was manufactured by us back in 2017 for our clients based in the UK.

The container housed a dive control system which consisted of 3-diver air control panels, a communication system, and a video monitoring unit. Gas cylinder quads, umbilicals and umbilical hangers were also installed into the container. The container was setup with two sections, the main section which was the dive control and a second section which acted more as a workshop. This workshop section housed a workbench as well as storage cupboards.

As part of this 5-year service, the systems within the dive control will be tested and recertified to make sure they are running correctly and safely. As the system involves the supplying of gas to personnel, it must be tested and serviced on a regular basis.

The dive control has been used by our client who is based in the salvage and marine operations sector. This sector includes a variety of different underwater activities such as underwater engineering and naval wreckage salvage. This containerised dive control allows managers and technicians to monitor air supplies, communicate with the divers and also visually monitor what the divers are seeing through the use of a video surveillance system.

For more information about our servicing and maintenance expertise, please get in touch with our sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775 or email us at

doorway in containerised system
guage panel in containerised system
work station in containerised system
containerised system outside view

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