Distributing Coltri Compressors and consumables across the UK

January 2022

SMP are currently preparing an MCH 6 Compressor, with additional consumables, for shipment to a client. The client, who is based in the UK, was needing a lightweight compressor system for low volumes of compressed air and SMP saw one of the Coltri Compressors being the best option for their needs.

The MCH 6 compressor, equipped with the MCH 6 popular pumping unit, are available with petrol or electric engines, both three-phase and single-phase. The equipment includes a filling connection with flexible tube with operating pressures from 232 to 300 bar, while the pressure holding valve, the automatic condensate drain and the autostop are available as an option.

SMP’s highly skilled team offers complete turnkey solutions from design to build, with over 35 years of experience in supplying compressed air systems into various markets including Commercial Diving, Medical, Military & Defence and Tunnelling & Construction

As an official UK authorised distributor, SMP offers a full range of Compressor Spares, Accessories and Consumables for Coltri Compressors. They can supply complete service kits for the Coltri range of compressors which includes: air filter, head gaskets, complete valve plate, non-return valve and oil. Most manufacturers insist on original spares being fitted to maintain extended warranties.

SMP are also an official service centre for Coltri Compressors and can offer Servicing and Repairs on all their compressors with a team of highly qualified engineers trained by Coltri.

For more information about the compressors SMP offer or for any enquiries regarding servicing and repairs, please contact the sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775 or email on enquiries@smp-ltd.co.uk.

Distributing Coltri Compressors and consumables across the UK
coltri mch-6 compressor
coltri mch-6 compressor close up
Distributing Coltri Compressors and consumables across the UK

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