Hot Water Machine built for Eastern European Navy

June 2020

SMP have been working on a hot water machine fitted with a submersible sea pump for an Eastern European Navy. The two burner hot water machine, which runs on diesel, is able to support two-diver operations. The inbuilt pumps are rated to work at 16 Bars of pressure and can pump water at 50 litres per minute. The hot water machine is fitted with two heat exchangers that can be individually controlled to better suit each diver.

The benefits of diesel fired heaters rather than electric is that it is more portable and only requires a 3kw external power source for the system to operate. When using electric hot water machines, a large electric generator is usually required making them more restrictive to use.

The system has been fitted with a submersible sea pump to allow for pulling water directly from the sea, whilst the hot water machine is also capable of being connected up to an onboard water tank, making it more flexible to use.

Built with a steel frame and lifting eyes, the hot water machine can be lifted and put into place whilst ensuring the durability to make it suitable for the tasks it is required to do.

For more information about our hot water machines, you can contact our sales team via phone, +44 (0)1772 687775 or via email,

Hot Water Machine built for Eastern European Navy
Hot water machine main control panel
inlet pipes on hot water machine
Hot water machine ancillary components
hot water cabling for diver heating

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