Kirby Morgan Helmets in stock and ready for despatch

March 2022

We currently have some Kirby Morgan Diving Helmets in stock and ready to be despatched. The units that are ready to be shipped immediately are the Kirby Morgan 37 Diving Helmet and the 28B Band Mask.

Known worldwide for their reliability and build quality, Kirby Morgan® commercial diving helmets and masks are designed to provide exactly what commercial divers require: reliable and practicable protection when it’s needed most.

37 Commercial Diving Helmet:

The Kirby Morgan 37 Commercial Divers Helmet is one of the most popular designs in the commercial diving world. Its considered the standard of the commercial diving industry.

KMB 28B Band Mask:

The fully tested and certified the Kirby Morgan KMB 28B Band Masks may be used by commercial divers in mixed gas commercial diving as well as shallow water commercial diving.

Both of these masks can be fitted with the 455 regulator upon request. The 455 Balanced regulator sets a milestone in surface supplied breathing performance and will soon be compatible with all Kirby Morgan Helmets and Band Masks that feature the SuperFlow® 350 regulator. The regulator body is made of 316 stainless steel, as are all its other metallic components.

SMP Ltd are an official UK based distributor of Kirby Morgan® bandmasks, helmets, masks, spares and associated equipment. We stock all Kirby Morgan® Commercial Diving Helmet models as well as offer a wide variety of Kirby Morgan Accessories, spare parts kits, rebuild and upgrade kits, from the most basic O-ring kits and soft goods kits, all the way up to the largest “Overseas” Spares Kits which contain numerous spare parts and also include many of the smaller kits. As an approved training facility, we also offer Training Courses for divers on helmet use, repairs and maintenance.

If you would like to enquire about the Kirby Morgan helmets we have in stock, please contact our sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775 or email us at

Kirby Morgan Helmets in stock and ready for despatch
kirby morgan helmets
close up og kirby morgan helmet
two kirby morgan helmets
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