Kirby Morgan Training Courses Held at SMP

October 2021

We currently have a Kirby Morgan training course happening today which is fully booked. The training courses teach commercial divers and technicians on how to perform routine maintenance inspections and repairs on Kirby Morgan helmet and bank masks.

We still have availability on our training course starting 7th December which you can speak with our sales team about booking.

The 3-day Basic Technician Course is intended to instruct technicians and users of Kirby-Morgan helmets and band masks how to perform routine and corrective maintenance procedures and equipment overhauls.

The course instructs use of KM Operational Check Lists A2.1 thru A2.6:

  • Helmet and Bank Mask overhaul procedures.
  • How to properly log maintenance and repairs
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Face Port Inset inspection and testing
  • Monthly helmet inspection procedure
  • Daily prepost dive procedures
  • Supervisor pre-dive inspections
  • Supervisor in water checks
  • EGS interface procedures and configurations,
  • Calculation of proper supply pressure and volume requirements
  • How to teach the KMDSI Helmet/Band Mask Operator/User Course


SMP are an approved and authorised Kirby Morgan training centre and have been running training courses since 2009. If you want to book onto a future training course, please get in touch with our sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775 or via email

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Diver in Kirby Morgan diving helmet
Kirby Morgan Diving Helmet with umbilical
Kirby Morgan Training Courses Held at SMP

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