LARS frame delivered to SMP HQ for Western Navy

October 2021

A LARS frame has been delivered to SMP HQ this morning. The frame has returned from being painted and is looking fresh.

The frame is one of two Launch & Recovery systems that are currently being built for a western navy. Now that the painting process has been completed, the team in the workshop will begin assembling the lifting mechanism of the LARS. Once the system is complete, it will be used to transport divers and equipment into and out of the water, quickly and safely.

SMP’s LARS are IMCA D023 and D018 compliant and have design approval to Lloyds’ rules for lifting appliances in a marine environment. Our systems can also be constructed under survey to stipulated standards, rules and regulations.

SMP have delivered a large number of LARS based on the requirements of each individual client. With reliability and ease of use being the key focus, SMP’s LARS are built to withstand harsh environments. They are a worldwide recognised name in the industry, delivering launch and recovery systems for various markets including military, commercial diving and scientific research.

For more information about the launch and recovery systems we offer, please call our sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775 or via email

LARS frame on trailer
LARS frame carried by truck
LARS frame delivered to SMP HQ for Western Navy

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