Medical Chamber arrives at SMP HQ

July 2022

We have had a medical chamber arrive at our headquarters following hydrotesting. The chamber is a 2m diameter, twin lock decompression chamber. It will be able to seat up to 6 people with an additional 2 people in the entry lock. The entry lock has been designed with a rectangular door to allow entry for stretchers. The chamber is also being fitted with a medical lock to allow the supply of medication into the pressurised chamber.

The chamber is also going to be fitted with a side mounted control panel. The control panel will be designed and mounted as a desk type control console. Incoming gases will be monitored for pressure with the gas feeding common manifolds having intermediate isolation valves for control.

When in use, the chamber will be pressurised with LP Air to a maximum pressure of 5.0 Bar/50 metres and provided with an oxygen breathing system allowing the patients to breathe comfortably with a low inhalation and exhalation resistance within the pressurised environment. The oxygen is supplied to patients by means of a built-in breathing system (BIBS).  The connections of the BIBS oxygen system are installed within the overhead panels.

We have recently completed a life support system which will be working alongside the chamber to provide it with the necessary gas supply. The machinery has been fitted onto a skid so that it can be relocated easily and efficiently. The system includes two Coltri MCH 21 Super Silent compressors, Coltri HP refrigerator Tornado, and a gas panel.

The client operates within the medical sector and will be using the chamber and life support system to help treat patients.

SMP have worked with numerous projects involving decompression chambers and hyperbaric chambers which have spanned across the globe. These projects have involved chambers of varying sizes, occupancies and working pressures, which are designed and manufactured according to EN13445 or PD5500. We have established an industry recognised name for the high quality, state of the art decompression chambers that we manufacture at our headquarters in the United Kingdom.

If you would like to enquire about our chambers, please get in touch with our sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775 or via email

Medical Chamber arrives at SMP HQ
medical chamber up close
medical chamber on wagon

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