Medical Chamber Completed for Guernsey

August 2019

After all the hard work from our talented team, we have completed this fully functional 2 meter twin lock medical treatment chamber for our customer in Guernsey. The Chamber is rated to 5.0 Bar (50 MSW) working pressure and is fitted with a rectangular door 1.5 Metre high, it is able to accommodate 2 persons in the entry lock and 5 in the main lock.

The chamber is housed in a custom 40 Foot container which is split into 4 sections, the first contains a reception area leading into a second section containing the chamber. The other 2 compartments are the chamber operators control room with control panel with the final section being the machinery containing an oil-free low pressure air compressor, high pressure compressor and gas storage.

This is a system we are really proud of, designed and built here in the UK.

Medical Chamber Completed for Guernsey
inside large HBOT chamber
HBOT chamber
side view of Avelair EVO compressor
Hyperbaric Medical Chamber for Guernsey

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