Mobile Dive Control System looking state of the art

November 2022

Over the past few weeks, SMP’s team of engineers have been working on a mobile dive control project. The system is now completed and is ready to be dispatched in the near future.

The mobile dive control system consists of a variety of different components and other systems. These include a diver audio communications system, a video monitor system with multiple monitors, a 3-diver gas control panel, and more. Umbilicals hooks have been fitted on the rear of the vehicle to allow for suitable storage of two reels of diving umbilicals. The vehicle has also been fitted with various amenities for personnel such as a microwave, storage areas to help with day to day working life.

We worked closely with the client to make sure the mobile dive control system fulfilled everything they needed it to whilst also fitting within the space of the vehicle. The client operates in the military and defence sector offering services and solutions to subsea operations.

At SMP, we have been building various state of the art systems for the commercial diving industry for over 35 years. The exceptional quality has made us one of the key suppliers in the industry for bespoke diving systems.

If you would like to know more about the mobile dive control systems we offer, please get in touch with our sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775 or email us at

Mobile Dive Control System looking state of the art

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