New Product Release: Hyperbaric Conditioning Unit

January 2016

The SMP Hyperbaric Conditioning Unit (HCU) has been designed to enhance in-chamber comfort by allowing the control of environmental temperature. Consisting of 2 axial fans and a heat exchanger coil, the SMP HCU can provide heating or cooling to decompression chambers, dependant on fluid flow through the coil.

This product requires a 24 VDC, 1.5A supply and is available in both right and left side inlet to allow for flexible installation within systems. Specific consideration has been given for ease of use, thus a removable slide out drip tray is included which allows for simple disposal of condensation, while a click retainer ensures it remains in place during operation.

Ordering Information
Right Side HCU inlet/outlet – Part Number: DDCACC0013
Left Side HCU inlet/outlet – Part Number: DDCACC0027
Call: +44 (0)1772 687775

New Product Release: Hyperbaric Conditioning Unit

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