Setting the Standard: Diver Video and Communications System

November 2022

We are currently testing a complete diver video and communications system in preparation for despatching in the coming weeks. The system encompasses a diver comms unit, a video system, diver air panels, and Kirby Morgan helmets.

A vital system for operation/ project managers is a diver video and communications system, being able to not only monitor the air supply but also being able to communicate with divers and get a visual of what they are seeing. This system is able to provide a solution to all these aspects. The system includes:

Portable AxView V-P:

This is a portable subsea video recording system and has been designed for the commercial diving industry. The system is able to monitor between 1-3 divers and, when connected with a computer, is able to give a depth meter reading as well as other data.

Amron Two Diver Communications System:

The ACOM II two diver portable communicator allows specific audio configuring for each diver. The system is able to adjust gain settings and also adjust noise suppression to better accommodate it to the environment the divers are operating in and produce crystal clear speech.

3 Diver HP Panel:

The SMP 3 diver HP Panel is able to independently provide breathing air to three divers whilst also monitoring the depths at which they are operating. Built into a pelicase, this diver panel has been built to be compact, making it perfect for portability. Designed and manufactured in accordance to IMCA DO40, HSE guidelines, BSI quality standards and CE approvals. Testing and certification in accordance with IMCA DO18.

Kirby Morgan 37 and 37SS Diving Helmets:

One of the most popular designs of Kirby Morgan helmet, the KM 37 comes with the quad-valve exhaust system, an improvement from the single exhaust valve used in older models. This model of Kirby Morgan helmet has been used as the standard helmet for diving personnel by the US Navy. In this circumstance, an AxSEEHD 57 high-definition underwater camera has been attached to the helmet which will work with the AxView video system.

SMP have been supplying the commercial diving industry for over 35 years, we have become a recognised name in the industry for offering high quality systems with excellent service. We operate in a variety of different industries, providing a range of different solutions such as hyperbaric chambers, submarine rescue systems, and diving equipment.

SMP supply a range of commercial diving equipment, if you would like to enquire about these please call us on +44 (0)1772 687775 or email us

Setting the Standard: Diver Video and Communications System

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