SMP Complete 4 Major Projects

May 2018

Our technicians are currently working on 4 projects for clients all of whom operate in differing industry sectors, we have (from the red chamber on the left working clockwise) a small chamber which has been modified for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy use, the white 10 foot Container (top left) is a High Pressure and Low Pressure Machinery Container supplying breathing quality air, this is for a military client. The 20 Foot blue container in the centre of the image will have the Decompression Chamber installed for a diver training facility in Ireland, the container top right is fitted out with a 1.8 metre Decompression Chamber with NATO Flange (for the same military client). Finally the 10 Foot Container bottom right is a Dive Control for 3 Divers, Factory Acceptance today for Irish Police Search and Rescue Unit.

SMP Complete 4 Major Projects
decompression chambers
entry to oxygen therapy chamber
external valves and pipework for hyperbaric chamber
containerised dive chamber with video screens
containerised dive chamber under construction
entry for hyperbaric chamber
DDC control panel
SMP product branding
air inlet/outlet pressure gauges
control panel for decompression chamber
depth gauge on control centre
chamber medi lock close up

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