Two HP Breathing Air Banks being shipped out to European Client

December 2021

SMP have recently finished manufacturing two HP breathing air banks for a European client. Both of these HP banks hold 4 cylinders, and each cylinder can hold a volume of 140ltr. The cylinders can operate at pressures up to a maximum of 300 Bar. The system is CE/TPED and UKCA certified.

The cylinders are connected with isolation valves, shut off valves and safety valves. Both banks are fitted with a panel to allow monitoring of air flow and pressure. The panel also includes pressure reducers to accommodate the chamber’s max operating pressure of 16 Bar.

The banks are going to be used alongside a 10.5m³ recompression chamber, providing a supply of breathing air to the chamber. They will be mounted along the side of a 20ft ISO shipping container, with a bank being connected on each side of the container.

SMP have created many bespoke decompression chambers, and accompanying support systems, for clients across the globe over the past 35 years. These systems have been used to support a variety of diving operations including research, military, and commercial operations. The chamber and support equipment can be installed on the vessel or can be shore based.

If you would like to know more about the chambers SMP can offer, please get in touch with their sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775 or via email

breathing air
HP Breathing Air Banks top visual
HP Breathing Air Banks
HP Breathing Air Banks panel

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