What to consider when looking for a breathing air system?

October 2021

There are several factors that are important to consider when looking to acquire a breathing air system, these factors may vary depending on the application of the system.

  • The size of system to fulfil your requirements
  • Budget
  • Filling time
  • Pressure needed
  • Capacity of air used in each session
  • Product housing/size depending on installation location
  • Bespoke features

The three basic components to a compressed air system: the compressor, the storage containers, and lastly the fill station. The size of these three components as well as the number of storage cylinders required are variable to the requirements of the user.

The first question to answer on your way to acquiring a breathing air system is deciding on what size of system you need. You can add additional storage capacity to your system to help reduce the stress on the compressor as well as have breathing air ready for use when needed.

SMP offer a range of different compressors including:

HP Compressors

LP Compressors

Nitrox Compressors

CNG Compressors

SMP’s highly skilled team, based in the UK, offers complete turnkey solutions from design to build, with over 35 years’ experience supplying compressed air systems into various markets including Commercial Diving, Medical, Military & Defence and Tunnelling & Construction. SMP Ltd offers a full range of Compressor Spares, Accessories and Consumables for Coltri Compressors.

If you have any queries about breathing air systems or if you would like to enquire about purchasing a system, please get in touch with our sales team on +44 (0)1772 687775 or via email enquiries@smp-ltd.co.uk.

3/4 view of Coltri Ergo compressor
Caged coltri compressor isolated
What to consider when looking for a breathing air system?
Coltri compressor and gas cylinders
Coltri compressor Unit for hyperbaric chamber

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