Working with Clients to Create Bespoke Systems

August 2019

We received an enquiry from our customer; their requirement was for a Decompression Chamber which had all chamber controls on the right hand side, all of our standard products were left-handed, this did not pose to big a problem to the SMP design team, who were able to carry out a re-design and acquire all the required approvals.

From the same client; a requirement for a dive control for their barge, our solution was a 10ft DNV dive control container. The container includes a 3 Diver Air Panel and a CTecnics 19’’ half rack system with communication, subsea welding rig switch and umbilical storage.

We worked closely with our customer to design and produce this equipment, to provide a safer environment for commercial diving.

Working with Clients to Create Bespoke Systems
close up of compressed air tanks
entry to oxygen therapy chamber
top view of bespoke hyperbaric chamber system
side profile of hyperbaric chamber container with umbilicals
c-technics subsea control panel system
bespoke hyperbaric chamber design

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