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Commercial Diving Equipment & Hyperbaric Chambers Manufacturers

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SMP Company History


The SMP story so far
Mid 1980's
Early 1990's
Mid 1990's
2001 +
SMP 60" Standard Hyperbaric Chamber

Doing it for 20 years and more - The SMP story so far

When Phil Connolly finished his high school education in the late 60's, he trained and qualified to be a successful engineer. However, his interest and enthusiasm for scuba diving became his new career focus. So in 1974 he joined Preston Dockyard diving services as a trainee diver and then went on for professional diver training at the Underwater Training Centre at Fort William and from there he ventured out in the North Sea. Commencing there he went from ranks of a tender to Air Diver, Saturation Diver, Atmospheric Diving Suit Operator and finally on to a Construction Superintendent.


In 1985 Phil decided to return to his engineering back ground and set up a company repairing and refurbishing commercial diving equipment (Marine Surplus Supplies Ltd). This company quickly expanded until 1991, when the company was being asked to build new equipment and the demand for the rental equipment became even greater. Later it was decided to merge all our trading activities such as repairs and refurbishment, the manufacturing of equipment and rental into one company - "Submarine Manufacturing and Products Ltd".


Air Diver
Air Diver
Saturation Diver
Saturation Diving
Atmospheric Diving Suit Operator
Atmospheric Diving
Suit Operator

Construction Superintendent
Construction Superintendent
- A typical project



Mid 1980's

The company started from a shipwrights carpenter shop in the port of Fleetwood and in the early years purchased the redundant and unused assets of companies such as Under Marine

Fleetwood    Fleetwood
Fleetwood Site 1983 - 1988


Early 1990's

Due to expansion the company moved to a modern industrial complex at Lytham where the company expanded quickly from one industrial unit to two industrial units and rented additional facilities for the storage of larger pieces of equipment. During this time the company purchased the whole assets of companies in liquidation to build up their increasing stock levels of used commercial diving equipment and rare diving equipment spares. During this period, due to large stock of commercial Diving Equipment and spares being purchased by customers, a specialist database was set up to track and trace all types of components relating to our industry all over the world. This database is still used today to assist our sales team with customer enquiries for any old and redundant spares requirements.

Lytham Workshop    Old Database
Lytham Workshop 1988 - 1994


Mid 1990's

By this time the company had out grown the facilities available at Lytham and relocated to a new site at its current location in Wesham. This site offered greater expansion capability including a larger area for storage of equipment to increase their stock holding.

Wesham Site     Wesham Site
Wesham Site


2000 - 2006

SMP opened another large storage site approximately 1 mile from their head office This site allowed the company to purchase, store and hold large pieces of equipment such as Complete Saturation Systems, Bell Handling Systems, Containerized Diving Systems and many more items. This site location is one of the proposed sites for SMP to build a purpose built factory unit to meet with all their future expansion plans, which the Managing Director is considering. With more customer enquiries SMP continued its growth, with many new products to appearing in our product range such as new designs in Surface Deck Decompression Chambers.

Yard     Yard
Storage Site



SMP Ltd has now reached a whole new level. With more orders and tenders awarded to us we outgrew our premises at Wesham and relocated to a larger site at Newton , near Preston . On 7 acres of land, these new premises provide SMP with more engineering/ workshop space, clean room facility, expansion of stores both internally and externally and also an increase in dedicated office accommodation, accounts, reception and sales areas.

Newton Site
SMP's New Building
One of our Workshops