SMP Water Mist System

November 2019

SMP Ltd are currently undertaking final testing of 5 SMP Water Mist System’s for our overseas client. The system is designed to be floor standing, self contained in a compact case that allows easy access to the components within. This system is adaptable and can easily be integrated into existing hyperbaric systems.

The SMP Water Mist System is designed to supply Low Pressure Water Mist Nozzles with water to suppress small fires. Upon activation a water tank is pressurised to 8-10 Bar supplying its contents to the Nozzles where the water is turned to mist and the fire doused. The System stops automatically when the Water Tank is empty or when the Air Cylinder pressure has reduced to 180 Bar.

For further information and enquiries, please contact or Tel +44(0)1772 687775

SMP Water Mist System
SMP Water Mist System side profile
SMP Water Mist System
SMP Water Mist System

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