SMP Deliver ROV and LARS for Submarine Rescue Contract

July 2019

Submarine Manufacturing & Products Ltd delivers a 4,000mtr Work Class ROV and LARS for a Submarine Rescue Contract that includes ROV delivered Submarine Rescue Pods and Containerised ROV Training Simulator. This will form part of the overall supply contract for Submarine Rescue Services to a Far Eastern Navy as part of SMP’s main Contract for Supply, Installation, Training and Maintenance Services over the next 5 years.

Other critical support equipment is scheduled to be delivered to the Client in July, August and October 2019 with other deliveries scheduled for June and August 2020 to form part of the overall supply, integration and training for the Client’s new vessel.

The Client’s choice of SMP Ltd confirms our depth of experience, knowledge and capability within the Subsea military sector. SMP Ltd is an international supplier of hyperbaric medical, saturation diving, mining and tunnelling, submarine rescue systems and commercial diving systems and they are renowned for the innovation, design, manufacture, safety and quality of their systems.

SMP Deliver ROV and LARS for Submarine Rescue Contract

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