SMP finish install of LARS and DDC for client in Eastern Europe

October 2021

SMP have completed the installation of a large project onto a vessel in Eastern Europe. The project includes a LARS, containerised dive control system, containerised DDC as well as supporting breathing air systems.

The Single Basket Launch and Recovery System has a compact design which made it easy to install onto the vessel. The LARS A-Frame retracts in order that it fits into a standard ISO 20’ shipping container, allowing for safe storage and protection from the elements. The winches and hydraulic power units are integrally piped in 316 stainless steel.

Accompanying the LARS is a containerised dive control system. This system includes a dive panel, video and audio communications unit and air conditioning.

The containerised chamber holds a 1.5m twinlock DDC, is fully IMCA compliant and works up to 10 Bar. The chamber seats 5 people, holding 4 people in the main lock (or two people lying down) and 1 person in the entry lock.

The containerised gas supply system is housed in a 20 ft container and consists of multiple quad gas cylinders, two Coltri compressors as well as an Avelair compressor. The container has been fitted with a gas cylinder manifold to allow for space efficient gas storage.

SMP is a leading supplier of subsea machinery containers fitted with a selection of different products and options. These containers are designed to support diving operations.

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LARS being shipped
SMP finish install of LARS and DDC for client in Eastern Europe
lars up close

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