SMP Lands Submarine Rescue System Contract

January 2019

SMP will design, manufacture, supply and integrate the complete systems into a newbuild vessel.

In addition the company will be providing spares, back-up, training and technical support for 5 years.

According to SMP, the package includes a Work-Class 4000 meter ROV with TMS and LARS, Emergency Submarine Survival Pods to a distressed Submarine and ROV Training Simulator Suite to be delivered in 2018 and 2019.

Free Swimming Untethered Submarine Rescue Vehicle (SRV) capable of mating and operating in deep water with a carrying capacity of 19 people, Hydraulic Launch & Recovery System (LARS), with Topside support equipment to be delivered in 2020.

One Man Atmospheric Diving Suit capable of operating at 600 meters with Hydraulic LARS and TMS will be delivered in 2020.

One Man Observation Submersible capable of operating at 600 meters will be delivered in 2019.

Submarine Emergency Ventilation and Decompression System (SEVDS) will be provided capable of operating at 600 meters together with Subsea Training Templates, Surface Umbilical Handling System, and Critical Life Support Machinery and Control Container. This will be the first of this type built in the UK and delivery is scheduled for 2019.

66 Man TUP Decompression System consisting of 4 Containerised Interconnected Twinlock Decompression Chambers and TUP Chamber with supporting Machinery Containers, Critical Life Support Equipment and Air/Gas Storage. Delivery is scheduled for 2019.

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